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Increase your fuel mileage
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Help the future of our children and use less fuel 50% more fuel mileage or your money back.

New Inovations

Convert Your Clamshell Trailer Into A Camper
Just take your motorcycle, snowmobile, fourwheeler or jetski out and put on the wedge. The canvas attaches to the trailer and converts it into a camper or ice shack. Check it out...
Patent #US D521,414 S
Custom Canvas Awnings And More....

Protect your valued business as well as your Patrons from all kinds of weather with a durable attractive Awning from J.W. Awning Co.

Professional Awning Manufacturer for Lisbon, Lewiston, Portland and Augusta, Maine and throughout the counties of Androscoggin, Cumberland, Kennebec, Lincoln and Sagadahoc.

Add to the beauty of your home while providing protection from the elements

Boat Tops & Covers

Enhance the beauty and functionallity of your pleasure craft with a custom top from J.W. Awning Co. Custom covers available, made to fit.

In The Works

I am Building a Vortex Heat Pump. This unit will heat water from 55 degrees to 212 degrees, and anything in between in a few minutes. With our tests we are looking at heating commerical buildings, homes and domestic water for a little amount of money a month, (NO OIL OR GAS). I am in my R&D stage and testing the unit. For more info Email

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